Chapter 1-The Science of biology
Microscopes and parts

Characteristics of life
Living things are made up of basic units called cells, are based on a universal genetic code, obtain and use materials and energy, grow and develop, reproduce, respond to their environment, maintain a stable internal environment, and change over time. Homeostasis, which is the process where it regulates internal environment and maintain a stable constant condition.

Scientific Method
First is the initial observation, Then you create a hypothesis, after that you create an experiment, you observe and the analyze your data that you collect, you make an
interpretation of the observations and data then you form your final hypothesis, if your hypothesis is not supported you must repeat the first three steps.

Quantitative vs. qualitative data
Quantitative- Using numbers to describe data.
Qualitative data- Data that is described with certain characteristics like color, size, and shape.

Independent vs. Dependent variables
Independent- The variable that we change or try to manipulate together.
Dependent variable- The variable that is kept the same or not changed.

What is science and what is science not?
Science is a way of answering questions through experiments and making observations.
Science is a process not a thing.

Observation vs. Inference
Observation-The act of noticing and describing the events or process in a careful, orderly way.
Inference-is a logical interpretation based on what scientist already know.